About us

Quinta da Pitarrela, just 3 kms from Peso da Régua city center, invites you to forget the hustle of daily life and drown yourself in the serenity of the terraces and marvels of nature.

It is a unique landscape built for centuries by the hand of men.

Douro is as “excess of nature” in the words of one the most famous Portuguese writers, Miguel Torga.

In this space, surrounded by vineyards, guests may enjoy a familiar, quiet and relaxed atmosphere.




Rosa House and Xisto House

The two houses, Rosa House and Xisto house, have 7 rooms altogether, and prepared to host people with reduced mobility.


The comfort, the romantic spots together with the pool and a balcony with a magnificent view will make your stay at Quinta da Pitarrela an absolute unique experience.

Ribeiro Family

The Ribeiro family is the owner of this historic wine farm which was already referenced in the ancient maps of the Douro region.



Perfectly framed in the landscape, the houses of Quinta da Pitarrela respected, in its recovery works, all source of materials such as shale stone and granite.


The décor of the houses was designed to promote a very convenient and comfortable environment for guests. Most of décor materials and pieces were brought from other ancient farms belonging to the Ribeiro family.